Collaborating with us

We are using our platform to transform the way creators can access and sell their own merchandise. We understand that many creators may already have their own merch off TikTok but we are on a mission to become the number one merch supplier within TikTok. We have reached out to a number of creators who we believe have incredible organic reach and dedicated followers which come from the creator’s own dedication to their content and building a community. We are sure there are hundreds of creators who we are yet to discover that would be a perfect match for a collaboration with us!

Our aim is give creators the opportunity to sell their own merch in the easiest way possible. We will design and hand press the garments then fulfil and ship all orders from our own office here in Lincoln. We will also deal with any customer service and exchanges/returns as all products will be sold through our website and TikTok shop via a shoppable link on the creator's content, ensuring they earn commission with each sale. 

If this sounds like something you'd love to be a part of, start your merch journey with us today!